AngularJS Modal Service


An AngularJS service that creates a Modal Popup with a given HTML template and controller.

The Service createDialog can be used to create a modal using Twitter's Bootstrap on the fly.

How To Use:

  1. Include the createDialog.js file in your index.html file.
  2. Include the '' as a module dependency when you define your app.
  3. Import the createDialog Service in your App Controller.
  4. Call the createDialog() function from your controller, using the following syntax :
  id : [modal_id],
  title: [modal_title],
  backdrop: [backdrop_visible],
  success: [modal_success_button],
  controller: [modal_controller],
  backdropClass: [modal_backdrop_class],
  footerTemplate: [modal_footer_template],
  modalClass: [modal_class]
}, {modal_custom_data});


  • template_url [string] : the url of the template of the body of the template.
  • modal_id [string] : the unique html id attr of the template.
  • modal_title [string] : is the title of the modal to be displayed in its header section.
  • backdrop_visible(optional) [boolean] : whether to hide the html page behind the modal under an overlay
  • modal_success_button(optional) [object] : the object add a submit button to the modal with its functionality.
    {label: '[label_of_button]', fn: '[function_on_click]'}

  • modal_controller(optional) [string] : is the controller attached to the modal.
  • modal_backdrop_class(optional) [string] : the css class for the backdrop of the modal.
  • modal_footer_template(optional) [string] : the footer template of the modal.
  • modal_class(optional) [string] : the css class for the modal.
  • modal_custom_data(optional) [object] : is an object where each key becomes an argument to the controller of the modal.

Why is it a Service and not a Directive?

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